Psyquation Review - Advanced Portfolio Management for Forex and CFD Traders

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Psyquation Review - Advanced Portfolio Management and tracking for Forex and CFD Traders. Forex portfolio analysis. Truly a revolutionary step for many traders. Find out more at PsyQuation is the brain child of Michael Berman and Vladimir Krouglov, both with impressive backgrounds and PHD beside their names.So here is my review of PsyQuation. I was fortunate enough to be on the beta test with PsyQuation and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.My goal was to place a whole heap of trades to get some data and see what PsyQuation throws up in terms of analysis of my trading. Normally I trade over a longer period of time but today I wanted to go down to the 5 minute chart and trade the Indices, Forex and Gold to see how it went.All up I placed 26 trades in 3 hours. I made some money, but managed to get the account up over 4% but then went intro drawdown to finish the session 0.59% ahead.What I like about PsyQuation is they are constantly monitoring what you are doing and trying to guide you from making stupid mistakes. As it turned out I had a number of positions open at once and got a warning alert on my VAR (Value at Risk), suggesting I need to pull back. They suggested I reduce positions on 2 separate occasions by 5 - 16 times what I was currently trading at.I also dollar cost averaged on a few trades, which was within my game plan and they gave me an alert about dollar cost averaging strategies not a way to reach your goals.All up I found it quite a useful tool. I would like to see more information about my expectancy, average win, average loss, size and win and size of loss etc, but that may come in time.I also sent through a support message at 1130pm and it was answered within 15 minutes. So their support is pretty impressive as well.So congratulations to Michael Berman and Vladimir Krouglov, the founders of PsyQuation. I look forward to applying it to my live trading accounts.Our services include:• Content Marketing• Copywriting• Marketing Automation• Social Media• Video Marketing• Press Releases• SEO Content &• Newsletter ContentWe'd love to help you boost the authority of your business.★☆★ VIEW THE BLOG POST: ★☆★★☆★ FOLLOW US BELOW: ★☆★Blog: Twitter: LinkedIn: YouTube: . Share This Video:. Psyquation Review - Advanced Portfolio Management for Forex and CFD Traders

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