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Contact . Forex online learning program. to know morePhone: +44 207 193 2931Nirav has trained up a team of trade mentors at Platinum with the same mindset, methodology and strategy so they can pass that on to our Platinum member clients. If making £12,000 off a £39,000 account in a week is something that interests you, then please book a complimentary consultation.Professional trading is a skill and like any new skill it can be learnt; with commitment, patience, time, and the right Platinum educational programme you can join the top 5% of elite tradersForex Foundation Programme: Platinum’s Forex Foundation Programme is an absolute must for the beginner trader, it is your online resource for the world of ForexForex Masters Programme:Platinum Forex Masters Programme will set you on the path to Financial FreedomFund Management Programme:Trading as a Fund Manager requires a very different mindset to that of trading your own money, and it will not be for everyone. Only the highest achievers will be allowed to join the programme and will undergo a personal interview to ascertain if you have the right mindset and commitment to join the Fund Management Programme.. Learn to trade in Forex Market | Professional Training Programmes

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