FX MAKEUP SERIES: The Chelsea Smile

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Hey guys! Today I'm doing a tutorial on the Chelsea Smile. Gie da forex online. A Chelsea Smile is a torture term also known as the Glasgow Smile or the Chelsea Grin. A victim's mouth is cut and then extreme pain is inflicted causing the victim to scream in turn ripping the corners of the victim's mouth and forming a "smile." There are a few examples of this wound in movies mainly Heath Ledger as the Joker and the Black Dahlia.Hope you enjoy and remember to subscribe for more.Thanks!AngieGelatin Recipe: Other videos in my FX Makeup Series-To see what's in my special effects kit: Infected Stitches using 3rd Degree: My Fake Blood Recipe: Lacerations Using 3rd Degree: Bite Wound Using Rigid Collodion: How to make Bruises with Makeup: How to Fake a Black Eye with Makeup: Join me here too:BLOG: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: BEAUTYLISH: E-MAIL: goldiestarlingquestions@gmail.comMUSIC: AUDIONAUTIX.COM. FX MAKEUP SERIES: The Chelsea Smile

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