Forex brokers trade against you Forex brokers trade against you

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ACCESS Forex Megadroid ROBOT INSTANTLY ! Please pay close attention here...Forex brokers make money from you, the trader. Forex brokers trade against you. They make A LOT of money.Now, most Forex brokers trade against you... this means that if you win, they lose. As simple as that.Most people don't know this but it's the annoying reality: some unscrupulous Forex brokers will do anything they can so that you do not finish the race and claim a big prize.Now... this is key: as long as your robot is only averagely profitable, they wont bother you... they are not concerned with average robots.They are only concerned with very profitable robots!If you have a really profitable robot, some Forex brokers will do one (or more) of the following things once they spot that trades are being placed by that robot:1. Close your account.2. Raise the spread on the currency pair you are trading during the specific hours your robot trades (making the robot non-profitable).3. Prevent you from trading with the robot EVEN if you already have a live account open.Now... there have been basically 2 main problems (until today!): One, it is hard to find a very profitable robot. Two, even after you find one, many times you can't enjoy its profit potential because of one or more of the above mentioned points.We HATE (and always have HATED) Forex broker tricks... it irritates us... it drives us out of our minds.This is our one-fingered salute to those unscrupulous Forex brokers:We designed an internal mechanism for Forex Megadroid that makes it 100% UNDETECTABLE to Forex brokers...They SIMPLY can't know whether YOU or anyone else is trading with it. There is absolutely no trace whatsoever that a trade was places by the robot.NOTHING! NADA! ZILTCH!But it doesn't end there...As we mentioned above, the bastards (sorry for the bad language but we are writing this and it truly irritates us to see what some of these guys do) try to narrow down the times at which a robot places trades.So, as explained earlier......if, for example, the robot places trades every day between 9 AM and 3 PM, they will raise the spread during those times for the specific currency pair (of course, only if enough people are trading the same robot during those hours).Brokers can never ever use this little trick with Forex Megadroid... why?Well... simply because the robot trades fairly randomly during an extended trading session!One day it might trade at 4 AM, next day at 8PM, and so on...Forex Megadroid is the only robot in existence targetted by Forex brokers due to its profitability BUT THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!No Forex Broker In The World Will Ever Know You Are Trading With Forex Megadroid, No Forex Broker Will Ever Be Able To Stop Forex Megadroid™ From Performing With Up To 95.82% Accuracy .... Forex brokers trade against you Forex brokers trade against you

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