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Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus - Exclusive Interview with Yeo Kheong Hee, Key Wealth Trainer at Adam Khoo Learning Technology and Bestselling Author of 'Secrets of Forex Millionaires' and 'Peak Performance Forex Trading'.This video interview is a bonus from the Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus book by Alvin Chow, founder of BigFatPurse Singapore. Forex broker singapore. In this video, Alvin finds out the following from Yeo Kheong Hee:00:13 - Who is Yeo Kheong Hee and how did he get into trading04:47 - How long it took to achieve consistent profits from trading?07:25 - Kheong Hee's trading style11:40 - Does Kheong Hee use any other form of analysis, on top of technicals?13:41 - An overview to Kheong Hee's trading strategy 17:14 - How to manage your risk in trading?20:02 - How to deal with a streak of losses?22:25 - Kheong Hee's best and worst trades23:29 - Importance of sticking to your rules25:02 - What qualities does a trader need to be successful?Purchase the book at: Visit to learn more about investing now-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you invest in stocks?ANDWant to quickly identify the intrinsic value of a stock? Download a FREE Stock Calculator from BigFatPurse here: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Forex broker singapore Forex broker singapore

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