Forex broker scams exposed Forex broker scams exposed

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Do you really fall for these scams? Got sick of seeing these Forex scams wrapped up in a MLM, an sick of these penny stock traders and Day trading DVD schemes taking advantage of people. Forex broker scams exposed. People know I have always been against them, but they have really been provoking me lately, so I guess this is what they want. I think its time I start calling these people out and revealing whats going on. Time to REALLY expose this forex lifestyle and penny stock/ day traders fake lifestyle. Please watch the entire video. This will be just the first one, please comment below with Forex companies or Stock trading programs you want me to investigate and make a video on. Would love to interview some of you and hear your personal stories. Again, if you plan on throwing shots my way, watch the whole video, I call out some people personally...they might be too dumb to understand though lol Remember guys, no such thing as a magic app, or a 15 hour trading DVD will make you money or close to a professional, stop feeding your delusions. Vemma, Kaizen, Global Entrepreneur Movement, wealth generators, these are just a few of the scams.Please SUBSCRIBE to the channel LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT so I have questions to answers and things to talk about. If you think you can hang with the brothers and are qualified to be one of the 25 people we accept every quarter to join my 3-month mentoring program, where you are able to watch me trade stocks LIVE every second of the day, every day of the week and be able to ask me questions live while I trade, go to to request and application. The lazy an un-dedicated need not apply. If you haven't done so follow me on social media!Twitter: instagram: Facebook: Sign up to be a TTF Citizen: Apply for mentorship:. Forex broker scams exposed Forex broker scams exposed

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