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For more information on Forex Metal Click Here: I have looked at over a hundred systems in the last 10 years and this one is fascinating and It's fun to watch. Broker forex-metal. This system works. For more information click below:Also if you need a VPS provider then I recommend Commercial Network Services. A word of advise. Order the Trader's VPS Value Edition. CNS has a special traders platform which works well with automated systems. Also make sure you have your VPS set up in the New York office. When you set up your VPS make sure you order it with expanded ram. You want to make sure that you have enough ram so that you have enough capacity for data to flow freely between both platforms and your broker. This is very important so that everything works seamlessly. The basic platform will cost you about $30.00 a month and when you add extra ram select upgrade to 1280 ram. This will cost you an extra $12.80 a month. So your total cost will be $42.80 a month. To start your VPS service click on this link: Forex BrokersThe link for Pepperstone is Here: If you are a U.S. Citizen then you will have to use another broker as Pepperstone does not do business with U.S Citizens. In this case you can use FX Choice. Their web page can be found here: You can reach me at my Skype address. My Skype name is randy.churchill.. Broker forex-metal Broker forex-metal

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