Best place to exchange money in mexico city

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HEADLINE: Gangs "targeting" tourists at Mexico airportCAPTION: Thieves apparently targeting people who exchange money at Mexico City's international airport shot a French citizen in the head on Tuesday, and authorities warned that gangs have put lookouts at exchange windows in the terminal. Best place to exchange money in mexico city. (Jan. 28) Mexico City officials are warning visitors to be careful.Thieves are apparently targeting people using currency exchange services at the airport.Authorities say they believe gangs have been posting lookouts at some businesses inside Mexico's International Airport...and that person tips off an accomplice who robs people as they leave the terminal.On Tuesday, a French scientist who works at a Mexican university was shot in the head moments after he got about 6 thousand dollars.Police say the man's driver told them that 2 cars followed as they left the airport...eventually cutting them off.The driver testified that one man got out with a gun and shot the university official when he refused to hand over the bag containing the money.The victim...who's name hasn't been in serious condition.Police say there have been at least 3 other cases of foreigners being held up under similar circumstances.Investigators are working to determine if this latest crime and another that occurred earlier this month are connected.You can license this story through AP Archive: . Find out more about AP Archive:

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