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Call Steve Wiggett direct 519-852-5257 How to get the BEST commission rate London Ontario Real EstateThere are many factors to consider when trying to obtain the best commission rates. Best money exchanges in london. First of all, commission rates are negotiable. So is the price of your home. And there can be a direct connection between these two factors. What kind of service are you going to get? Are you going to be seeing your listing promoted using the media that most buyers are using to find houses? Or is it the "yes you'll be on MLS and we'll be hoping someone sells it" method of real estate sales.Like in most cases you get what you pay for! And consider this very carefully: if an realtor is not able to negotiate their own commission what are they going to do for you when an offer comes in on your property? They've already shown you how they negotiate for themselves..... do you really think they are going to suddenly turn into great negotiators for you IF an offer comes in on your property? I don't think so.So the "best" commission is not the lowest commission in most cases. Do your homework and make sure you are dealing with a realtor who will get you the most money possible, in the shortest amount of time and with the fewest hassles. If it sound too good to be true then it probably is.

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