Best direct forex broker Best direct forex broker

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Online trading has changed considerably over the past few years and no longer only serves the needs of active traders; it caters to all types of investors seeking more control, autonomy and freedom. Best direct forex broker. Here are 5 good reasons to manage your investments with National Bank Direct Brokerage:1. Commission fees fixed at 9.95$, any time for all clients, and starting at only 6.95$ for active investors.2. No administrator fees if you hold at least 20 000$ of assets.3. Registered accounts available in U.S. currency. 4. Powerful tools to help you manage your portfolio.5. Award winning customer service and satisfaction levels among the highest in the industry.You wish to learn more about online trading? Visit our website at or call us at 1-800-363-3511.. Best direct forex broker Best direct forex broker

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