Barclays bank holiday money exchange rates

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1. Barclays bank holiday money exchange rates. Street scene2. Tilt down exterior of Barclays Bank3. Mid shot of people counting money4. Close-up of new bank notes on table5. Mid shot of bundles of old bank notes on table6. Close-up of man flicking through wad of new money7. Screen of automatic teller machine (ATM)8. Poster in window advertising new notes, with security in foreground9. Wide shot of ATMs with security guard10. Street scene11. Exterior of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe12. People queuing near ATMs13. ATM 14. Bank signs in street15. Set-up of Shakeman Mugari, senior business reporter, Simababwe Independent:16. SOUNDBITE (English) Shakeman Mugari, Senior business reporter, Simababwe Independent:"Basically on the impact, there is really no impact, there is at least no impact on inflation which is the basic reason why it should have been introduced. So really the problem is still there. The people of Zimbabwe are still suffering, there is still inflation, prices are going up, conditions are worse."17. Cutaway18. SOUNDBITE (English) Shakeman Mugari, Senior business reporter, Simababwe Independent:"But the point is that in Zimbabwe people took advantage, especially the wholesalers, retailers, shops, traders took advantage of the situation and upped their prices immediately after the revaluation of the currency, which means that people are in a worse-off position. Whilst there is convenience, they are in a worse off position than they were before. That means prices have gone up as people take advantage of the currency revaluation."19. Various of people buying bread in supermarket20. Shelf with two loaves of bread on itSTORYLINE:Zimbabwe's old bank notes were on the verge of expiring on Friday, leading to panic at banks as citizens tried to trade in old cash for new, and at supermarkets as they tried to use up hoarded bills.Under the changeover rules, individuals are permitted to exchange a limit of 100 million old Zimbabwe dollars (US$40) - which become obsolete Sunday - for new currency in a single transaction. Those attempting to exchange more than 100 (m) million Zimbabwe dollars or those found with more are required to prove they earned or received the money legally.Police across Zimbabwe manned roadblocks Wednesday, searching cars for caches of cash.Last month, the central bank struck three zeros from the currency and issued new denominations to ease accounting difficulties - regular electronic calculators had become almost useless as inflation hovered around 1,000 percent - and to eradicate the need to carry large bundles of notes for routine purchases. The government also argues the change will help it stamp out cash hoards used in illegal currency deals.But Shakeman Mugari, a senior business reporter for the Simababwe Independent, said there would be little impact, particularly on inflation, and the problem would remain."The people of Zimbabwe are still suffering, there is still inflation, prices are going up, conditions are worse," Mugari said.Mugari pointed out that Zimbabweans, particularly those in the wholesale and retail sector, increased their prices immediately after the currency revaluation.Zimbabwe's economy is in a state of collapse, with high unemployment, shortages of food, gasoline and most basic products and an inflation rate nearing 1,000 percent.Banks said they were under increasing pressure on Wednesday from lines of panicked customers who were demanding an extension to Sunday's deadline in fear of being left with large amounts of obsolete currency.Stores and supermarkets reported bulk buying of goods and disputes erupting at checkouts over change being paid in old money when supplies of new money were exhausted.You can license this story through AP Archive: . Find out more about AP Archive:

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