Bank of taiwan money exchange rate

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Over the past six months, the NT Dollar exchange rate against the US dollar at market close has varied greatly over intraday exchange rates. Bank of taiwan money exchange rate. This has led the US Treasury to claim Taiwan’s central bank has been exerting too much interference in currency markets. Analysts say such a warning is not only targeting Taiwan but also China. Shortly before the close of the market each day, the Central Bank sells NT dollar to prevent appreciation of the local currency. This move has led US Treasury to accuse Taiwan of violating market transparency. Li Chi-chanForeign Exchange Expert From June to September, Taiwan has had larger interventions into (exchange rates). (The US) hopes that large export countries avoid interfering with exchange rates and instead concentrate on using trade as a means of helping exports.Analysts believe that this warning from the US is intended for someone else.Li Chi-chanForeign Exchange Analyst After the severe depreciation of China’s yuan in August, the US was quite angered but now that US-China relations have become more complex, (the US) may have sought out a smaller economy that has close ties to China such as Taiwan to remind China about refraining from currency manipulation.Taiwan’s central bank stressed that the NT dollar exchange rate is determined by supply and demand though it did say it could continue to communicate with the US about this matter.

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