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Bank of China has made it clear that it's concerned about the country's growth and wants to make exports more competitive on global markets by devaluing the CNY. Bank of china exchange money. It is also moving towards full exchange rate liberalisation so that the CNY can be easily interchanged and traded with other currencies. China's economy is the second-largest in the world, so when the Bank of China devalued the CNY, it had a strong impact on investors, who turned back to Gold during the uncertainty. The Gold price rose by over 30 USD, and the US dollar fell, creating trading opportunities on both underlying assets.___________________________________________________________________This trading week is bound to be dominated by the Federal Open Market Committee meeting Minutes released on Wednesday, because tensions about an interest rate hike are riding so high in the investment markets. The USD price is now being driven purely by interest rate speculation, rising and falling from day to day according to the market's fluctuating expectations.Monday the 17th brings opportunities on the CHF crosses at 07:15 when Switzerland releases Real Retail Sales figures for June, previously at the bearish level of minus 1.8 percent on an annual basis. On Tuesday the 18th, the UK releases inflation numbers for the month of July at 08:30, previously at the level of zero percent year-on-year. The low level of inflation is worrying the monetary policy makers at the Bank of England, and holding them back from making an interest rate hike, so this release is important for GBP traders. The next vital event on the trading calendar this week is the FOMC Minutes, released at 18:00 on Wednesday the 19th. The announcement is analysed for clues about the likelihood of the Fed raising interest rates in September, and is likely to be more intensely watched than ever after China devalued its currency. On Thursday, the Bank of Japan releases its Interest Rate Decision during the Asian trading session. After China devalued its currency, sending the signal that it's worried about a domestic slowdown, Japan and other Asian economies that trade with China could be looking at taking their own monetary policy steps, so this is defintely an event to watch. Japan's interest rate is currently 0.1 percent. Finally for the trading week's highlight events, Canada releases its inflation rate numbers for July at 12:30. Previously at the level of one percent on an annual basis, deflation worries are shadowing Canada's economic outlook, especially if you consider that the oil prices are so low, and pressuring export revenues. Sign up and start trading: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Check out our blog:

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