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Kiwis love to travel, but sometimes it can be easy to overspend. Asb exchange money. Watch the video to learn how to travel on a budget and get tips to keep your costs down. Get sorted for your travels at . or watch more ASB money tips at Plan your holiday ahead of time. Stay up to date with travel companies on social media or via email to get the latest holiday deals to your travel destination.When booking accommodation, explore all the options in your travel destination, not just hotels. Doing research into holiday homes, hostels and backpackers can often keep your accommodation costs down.Some travel websites offer holiday packages including accommodation, travel and activities. Travel packages can often help you save even more.Consider a prepaid travel money card in addition to having some local currency with you, to ensure you know how much spending money you have in the local currency and don't have to worry about any surprise exchange rates.Also consider travel insurance so that you have the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your holiday. Travel insurance can help cover unexpected costs that could break the budget.To get sorted for your travels and find out more about ASB Travel Insurance, visit .

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