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DailyFX trading instructor James Stanley explains the benefits of opening an FXCM Demo Account.James Stanley goes over FXCM's role in the history of the forex market and the development of the forex market. Demo forex account online. Forex trading used to be limited to large institutional investors prior to the advent of sophisticated technology. Trading in the forex market offers traders significant advantages over the stock market such as more leverage and 24 hour trading. Armed with the no-dealing desk and DailyFX, FXCM aligns its interest with its customers and provides up to date information for its traders to succeed. FXCM offers a demo account for traders to practice trading under simulated market conditions. Open an FXCM demo account today and begin trading!Learn More About FXCM here: FXCM - Forex Capital Markets. Archive Why Open an FXCM Demo Account?

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