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Stay in the Philippines - Philippines Money Exchange TIPS - One of the things that concerns most people when they come to a country like the Philippines is getting their money changed. Anz travel money exchange rates. Everyone knows at the airport that they're gonna rip you off.But then how many other options do you have for money exchange in the Philippines? Most banks in the Philippines don't exchange money so you can't go to a bank. Most times you end up going to a place like the one behind me.A lotta money changers from the province use this as well when they come into Manila. They're honest, and they're busy, and that's what you want. You want to go a Philippines money exchange that's busy.There's lots of them in this area Ermita/Malate. There's hundreds and hundreds of them. But you wanna be careuful. There's all kinds of games that they'll play, especially at the smaller ones. They'll do things like they'll take your money. Then they'll say "oh just let me check with the boss", they'll go into the back, they'll come back, they'll say "oh the boss won't let me give you that exchange rate, here - I'll give you your money back". But the money they're giving back is counterfeit. So they're taking your good dollars and giving back counterfeit ones. That's just ONE of them.Another way... they've got a way of counting the money that looks like it's the right amount to you, but it's not. So anytime you get your money changed, stand there at the counter, count the money yourself, don't listen to any B.S. about why you can't touch the money and count it yourself.Another thing they'll do is they'll count the money so you can see it. They'll put it down and as they're sliding it across the counter to you, there's a trapdoor in the counter, in the tabletop, that slices off a chunk of bills. So you've seen the money counted, as they're sliding it to you, there's a bunch dropping into a drawer.Also, there's guys here all the time that run up to you with a little piece of cardboard with numbers on it, offering you a better Philippines exchange rate if you come around the corner. Well, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, so you gotta be careful of that.Maybe you won't get the same exchange rate, but also, you're not gonna be walkin out into this... You gotta know, if you walk out of the moneychangers, everybody knows you got a pocket full of cash, that makes you a huge target, so just a few things to think about when it comes to Philippines money exchange and money changers in the Philippines.==People think of two problems when traveling in the Philippines...Money and violence.First of all, RELAX! In the Philippines you can worry more about a risk of rain than about your risk of violence. When it comes to 'money money money!' however, you can easily be taken advantage of. Be careful that your money changer isn't using a phony exchange rate, and always count your money at the counter once it is given to you. (Even if this means counting a lot of money... ESPECIALLY if it means counting a lot of money!)There's many rip off scams you'll learn about if you spend any time living in the Philippines, but when you're the new guy or new girl on the block they may be tricky to spot.Just like anywhere you travel around the world, a guy approaching you asking you to follow him into an alley is probably a dangerous man. If someone approaches you and they want to give you a 'better rate' for your money, imagine they have a big 'danger ahead' sign tattooed on their forehead. Especially if they say things like "You can count on me.", "This will be easier and quicker than finding a bank." or "I can give you a better Philippines exchange rate than you'll get anywhere else." be very cautious about following them ANYWHERE, even if you plan on keeping your wallet in your pocket.This is obviously risky business and the man is probably a rip off artist.Don't risk it all just because you want a better exchange rate. You're most likely listening to a liar and a thief, getting a bad deal can cut a month out of your travel budget, and the person talking to you may be a dangerous man who doesn't mind pulling a knife on you if you're foolish enough to follow him.Taking all of this into consideration, trying to get a 'great Philippines exchange rate' from a stranger is NOT a risk worth taking!==Book your stay today! Badladz Adventure Resort Muelle Pier, Puerto Galera 5203, Philippines+63 43 287 3184   +63 919 577 2823   +63 920 955 6410 (Mobile) ‎ Badladz Beach Resort Small Tabinay Beach, Puerto Galera 5200, Philippines+63 43 287 3693   +63 919 577 2823   +63 920 955 6410 (Mobile) ‎ To get more information about living, partying, playing and traveling in the Philippines, check out . Here I'll post videos and articles all about the Philippines, and how you can enjoy everything it has to offer.

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