Abu dhabi airport currency exchange rates

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History of the UAE Currency -The Emirate DirhamThe bedouin people used more solid forms of exchange for years and coins were more acceptable to them than paper money which didn't fare well in the hot weather and its value couldn't be "felt".But gradually they too reverted from coins to the more practical and widely accepted paper money (even hand-written paper notes) which was introduced to the Trucial States around the 1930's.With increased trade with India the "External Rupee" or "Gulf Rupee" became the official currency in 1959 and remained in use until the 60's. Abu dhabi airport currency exchange rates. For a brief time the Saudi riyal was used and then Abu Dhabi (Bahraini Dinar) and Dubai (Qatar Dubai Riyal) together with other Emirates used their own currency unit.The UAE did not have a single currency unit until the UAE were united (1971) and together with the unification came a nationalized and unilaterally accepted currency in 1973. The Central Bank of the UAE now issues the national currency.Note: The UAE currency is also known as the Dubai currency or Abu Dhabi currency.UAE Currency Notes and CoinsThe UAE notes come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 bills. The bills are colorful and make a great souvenir as they have beautiful scenes from the UAE on them.100 of the subunit or Fils equals one Dirham. The Fils come in 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Fils coins. An examination of the UAE bills and coins will give you a pretty good history lesson as they feature faces of famous Arab historic figures. The coin values are in Arabic numerals and Arabic text but on the paper notes the value appears on one side of the bill in Easter Arabic text and Arabic numerals and on the other side in Hindu Arabic numerals and English text.How far will your UAE Dirham go?You will find that coins below 25Fils may not be accepted as they are of little value. Your foreign currency can be exchanged in banks, hotels and at the airport, the banks will give you the best rate.There are also many money exchange places but the rates may not be reliable. The exchange rate is influenced by a number of factors but in essence is pegged to the USD and remains relatively stable at approximately $1US = 3.67AED.

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