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A very simple but extremely graceful ceremony of the National Flag hoisting was held Saturday at the Prime Minister House to mark the 63rdindependence day of the Pakistan. 63rd and pulaski currency exchange. Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani raised the national flag and exchanged congratulations with the staff of the PM house present at the occasion. The written message of the Prime Minister on the 64th Independence Day reads as: By the grace of Allah Almighty, we are celebrating the 64th Independence Day of Pakistan today. The day reminds us of the heroic and relentless struggle the Muslims of the sub-continent waged for a separate homeland under the inspiring and dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Our forefathers rendered numerous sacrifices in man and material form for the establishment of Pakistan. Their demand for a separate state was premised on the right to self-determination. They wanted a state where they could order their lives in accordance with the principles of Islam and enjoy the fruits of freedom as equal citizens of the state. The 14th of August represents the fulfillment of aspirations of the millions of the Muslims. We should be proud of the fact that our freedom struggle was fought along constitutional lines. Pakistan came into being through a political and democratic process. Unity, faith and discipline and unwavering confidence in the leadership epitomize the spirit of freedom movement, which infused conviction among the Muslims in their destiny. Equipped with steel-like determination and will power, they achieved the ideal of Pakistan within a short span of seven years. We are celebrating our 64th Independence Day at a time when the country is up against many challenges of grave nature, the chief being rehabilitation of flood effectees, fight against terrorism, struggling economy and ensuring political stability. The recent floods have wreaked havoc across the country causing human casualties, damaging road & telecommunication infrastructure, and crops at massive scale. According to the United Nations' assessment, the total damage done by these raging floods is more than what the world suffered in Tsunami in 2004 and what Pakistan had to face in the aftermath of earthquake in October 2005. Similarly, terrorists and extremists are out to impose their exclusive and conservative agenda on the peaceful Pakistani nation. Our national economy has been hit hard both by the ongoing war against terrorism and natural disasters. Despite these challenges, the government and the people of the Pakistan remain committed to protect their motherland. Howsoever grave these challenges may be but our resolve and determination to take on these is greater. We have already traversed that road a number of times in the past but each time we came out victorious and more resolute with renewed faith in our ability to steer the ship of the state out of unchartered waters. The need of imbibing the spirit of unity, faith and discipline as a weapon to fight off these challenges could not be overstated. Our spirit of nationalism presents a shield against the forces of extremism and terrorism and is capable of eliminating these negative forces. I have my complete faith and trust in our people. I am sure that together we can rise to the occasion with determination and will power. APP

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