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Forex market and its features

Forex is the international interbank foreign exchange market. Its daily turnover is about 3 trillion dollars what makes it one of the largest parts of the global financial industry and one of the most profitable markets for private investors. You may be among them.

What is Forex market

On the Forex market, there are national and commercial banks, insurance and brokerage companies, investment funds, and private investors who are both buyers and sellers. There are no breaks in trading. In the course of this trade, the levels of demand and supply are changing, and, respectively, the currency value is changing.

A major advantage of Forex trading is a possibility to trade twenty-four hours a day 5 days a week. However, the trading day consists of a number of different sessions. When a trader in London ended the day, traders in New York continue it. When traders in New York finished the day, traders in Sydney start. Various trading sessions have unique characteristics. You will learn from videos on our website how to choose the best Forex market times.

How to work on Forex?

To work here, you do not need to open office in a London or Tokyo Stock Exchange and be a financial professional. Internet technology has made the Forex market available to everyone almost anywhere.

To work, you will use an online trading platform. They are websites of the companies that are professional Forex brokers. These companies accumulate transactions and represent them on the interbank market. In doing so, the company brokers do not have any interest in a profit - loss statement of the traders. A variety of videos on our website can help you to understand all the intricacies.

Watch videos — earn on Forex

In this section, you will find Forex market news, tips, comparisons of different strategies, reports, analytical reviews, and Forex market overviews. The information presented in a video format facilitates the perception and understanding of complex issues. For an introduction to Forex market, video materials are more obvious than written texts. Using video materials, you can achieve perfect results in trading!

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