Understanding Correlations and Coefficients by Alpha 7 Trading Academy

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This video is a recording of a live Partner Presentation with Doron Yoets of Alpha 7 Trading Academy.Alpha 7 Trading Academy: Finding correlation in the equities market is much easier than the Forex market. Forex trading using intermarket analysis free download. Please join Doron Yoets, Co-Founder and Head Trader of Alpha 7 Trading Academy and understand some simple concepts to help you better analyze currency pairs and likely hood of direction. You will also learn how to merge the E-minis/Stock market with the Forex market in terms of direction of currency pairs.In this session, the following topics will be covered: -What is correlation? -Positive and negative correlated currency pairs. -Correlation Coefficients. -FX & ES/Stock Market Correlation. -Trade example utilizing correlations and coefficients.NinjaTrader supports over 40,000 traders around the globe with best-in-class technology, deep discount commissions and world class support.The award-winning NinjaTrader platform is always FREE to use for advanced charting, strategy backtesting and trade simulation.Download NOW at for unlimited free use.. Understanding Correlations and Coefficients by Alpha 7 Trading Academy

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