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Forex Market Analysis

Forex analysis is a daily activity as only the constant monitoring of market dynamics ensures reliable results and helps traders. Forex Market Analysis and recommendations based on it are very important sources that the trader uses to plan its own position in the market. Daily view of Forex recommendations allows making successful transactions without rush acts.

Types of Forex analyses

Analysis is the basis for the forecast. Exchange rates, the price of gold and other precious metals (Forex silver for instance) depend on many factors. Analysis should consider all of them. There are several kinds of analysis, however, just two of them have paramount importance. There are a variety of videos, which presents detailed information on all currency movements, regularities, explains certain events on the market, on our website. For illustration purposes and ease of perception, most of the videos include Forex chart analysis.

Forex fundamental analysis

It is an analysis of activities in the economy that affect the exchange rates and precious metals (Forex quotes) movements. However, the daily volume of economic data is extremely large and a single trader cannot process it. So, they use an approach when information significant for Forex quotes is separated from an insignificant one. Everything that relates to the global currency markets is an important information. For example, these are statements and speeches of the top managers of international financial institutions such as IMF or IBRD.

Forex technical analysis

It is an analysis of the dynamics in exchange rates movements. Therefore, its main tool is graphics of Forex quotes. For the analysis, graphs for different intervals can be used: 5-minute, hourly, 4-hour, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and so on. In the long-term runs, there are fewer false movements (so-called "market noise"). Therefore, there can be easily distinguishable graphical models, the basic trend lines, as well as support or resistance levels. Thus, a trader can build a more or less objective forecast for future Forex quotes movements.

What is Forex forecast

It includes conclusions that are drawn on the basis of the both above-mentioned analyses. The main purpose is to determine the way where the exchange rate in the various currency pairs will move, up to what value upward or downward trend can reach, and when it makes sense to open the relevant transaction. According to the forecast, the trader can choose the most current trading strategy. Generally, Forex forecasts are generated for the next week, as they are the most convenient and reasonable for traders.

Some professional traders build Forex forecasts, others use those created by Forex Advisors. Carefully study videos on our website, follow the advice of professionals and current Forex trading analysis, and you will succeed!

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