Fundamental analysis and How to Use it in Forex Trading

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Join our free trading e-course: Fundamental analysis has two times of information. Forex trading using fundamental analysis. It can be divided into two groups: predictable and unpredictable. The first group includes the data that is announced in a certain time and a trader has an idea about it. Moreover such data has a partly novelty effect, because traders already have got familiar with the experts’ predictions about them. Usually this kind of data is about the macro economical situation of development of a particular country or the whole region. The most common data of this type is the inflation rates, indicators or economic activity and unemployment, budget deficits, interest rates, etc. As for the unpredictable factors, so they usually are the all kind of surprising events mainly in the political sphere. For example the unplanned resignations in the government – the President, Minister of Economy and Finance, Central Bank chairman, etc. Among the unexpected factors in fundamental analysis can also be natural disaster, military conflicts, terrorist attacks, etc. These events are the real force majeure, whose influence on the Forex market may be quite noticeable. Forex traders simply need to take them into account when trading.If you want to increase your knowledge about online trading, join our free trading e-course: investmentprofits.netLiked this info – share it with your friends. Sharing is caring. Join our free trading e-course:. Fundamental analysis and How to Use it in Forex Trading

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