Forex Stop Loss - 6 Steps to Setting Smart Stops

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In trading, it is important that we set our stop losses in an effective way. Forex trading how to set stop loss. In this video for Forex Useful, I look at 6 key considerations we should take into account when we are deciding where to put our stop loss. This video will help you to understand what exactly the function of a trading stop-loss is, how you can tailor your stop-loss to your own individual preferences, the relationship between risk and reward in trading, and how to put everything together to reach a decision on where your stop-loss should be. On the live charts, we look at an example of a bullish trendline break trade, and analyze where on the chart our stop loss could be placed and also where our trade targets might be placed. For further information, and to receive a free Price Action Swing Trading Strategy eBook, visit: . Thanks for watching!. Forex Stop Loss - 6 Steps to Setting Smart Stops

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