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Airplane engine white noise for relaxation. Sounds airplane. Propeller sound help you sleep, meditate or concentrate for intellectual work. Also suitable for calming babies, relieving stress, soothing the mind, reducing anxiety. Take care of youself !Sounds & Relaxing is a sound channel dedicated to physical and mental well-being. The channel offers a sensory experience (ASMR) based on relaxing sounds, for well-being, meditation and deep sleep. The experience is also used for concentration, to eliminate the states of anxiety and stress.For a long time, I thought I was alone to love the relaxing sounds. Now, i know it's wrong and more, i can share this pleasure with many people.I hope you enjoy my sound productions. I hope they will help you relax, to sleep or eliminate stress.Personnely , i use them too for concentration in working.DonThank you for subscribe if you like it. Anyway, thank you for watching my videos. Take care of yourself ! NB : Listening with headphones advisedYou can follow and listen on following media :- - - -.

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